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Consultancy Guidance


As a resource for our schools and leaders in the Pacific Southwest District, we will use a protocol employed by a variety of organizations, perhaps most notably the Young President’s Organization (YPO). The objective of these sessions is to provide a forum for each principal to receive counsel on a key strategic question facing his or her school. The protocol is as follows: the Principal/Executive leader provides the group with a brief and focused description of the challenge; then, the leader answers clarifying questions from the group before remaining silent while the group consults, offering potential solutions to the challenge. At the end of the session, the leader should walk away with new perspectives on the challenge, as well as a new set of peers to reach out to in the future, resources to draw upon, and actions steps to implement at his or her own school.

We invite you, as a school leader, to utilize this resource whenever you need to draw upon the expertise of other leaders. Please email or call Rachel Klitzing if you need more information. To fill out a consultancy form with your own strategic issue/problem or question, please use the Consultancy Session Request Form linked below.

Consultancy Session Request Form

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