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Index - Administrator's Resource Guide

INDEX - Administrator’s Resource Guide 2018-2019

Below are the categories of information and the resources contained on each page in the Administrator’s Resource Guide.  To access the specific information, please click the category title to be directed to that page.  You will be able to access the links to the documents themselves from that page.

Call Information

  • Calls, Schmalls What Does this Mean?
  • Checklist for Securing Personnel
  • Guidelines and Suggestions for Interviewing First-Called Candidates
  • Manual to Assist Congregations
  • Rubrics Governing Call and Placement Procedures

Consultancy Guidance 

  • Consultancy Takeaway (Sample)
  • Consultancy Submission Form

Crisis and School Safety Resources

  • Crisis Plan Template
  • Crisis Resource Information
  • Crisis Response Box
  • Model Emergency Response and Crisis Plan Template
  • Website for School Readiness and Emergency Management
  • Ministry Safe - A complete child safety system

Devotions and Chapel Resources

  • Concordia Publishing House
  • Listing of Devotional Resources
  • LCMS Chapel Talks 2016-2017
  • Lutheran Hour Ministries

Human Resources and Staffing

  • Background Checks – Project My Ministry, Ministry Safe
  • Behavioral Interviewing Guide
  • Congregational Treasurer's Manual
  • Employment Resource Manual
  • First Steps – A Handbook for New Teachers in Lutheran Schools
  • Income Tax Reporting for the Professional Church Employee
  • LCMS Resource List
  • Reduction in Force Resources (Reduction in Force Policy Guidelines)
  • Salary Guidelines for 2016 (District Salary Guidelines)
  • Suggestions for Interviewing Candidates
  • Survival Guide for New Teachers
  • Taxes and Ministers Guide

Marketing and Enrollment Resources

  • 25 Ways a Pastor Can Support Teachers
  • 48 Outreach Success Strategies
  • Enrollment Play Book
  • Lutheran Schools are the Place To Be
  • Top 10 Traits of Quality Schools

School Board Resources

  • Board Member Job Description
  • Congregational Treasurer’s Manual
  • Governing Manual for Lutheran Schools
  • Tips for Board Officers Handout
  • Board Workshop Handout
  • Strategic Plan Sample
  • Principal’s Report Sample