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Lutheran schools exist to share the good news of Jesus Christ through a warm, caring environment and an excellent academic program. Accreditation guides the school through a process of self-study in order to identify what the school already does well and what it can do to become even better. Accreditation identifies a school as one committed toward fostering excellence in education. Accreditation encourages school improvement through a process of continual self study. Accreditation assures a school and its community that the school has clearly defined goals and a plan to accomplish these goals.

More and more schools in our district are becoming involved in the accreditation process. At the present time our district accredited schools include:

     100% of the high schools
     49% of the elementary schools
     30% of the early childhood centers.

For questions and accreditation information contact PSD Commissioner Kristie Flohra  or Kim Violette in the School Ministries office

Annual Report Form - due each year by April 15th in addition to the $75 annual fee.

Face Sheet for all accreditation reporting.*    

* Please Note: ACS WASC Schools should indicate Standards Based for their report. PSD Site Visit reports need to be submitted to the district office by May 1st each year.

For an understanding of the ACS WASC/NLSA Accreditation Cycle click here.

For more detailed information on NLSA accreditation please access the NLSA website here.

To access the NLSA Applications on the LuthEd website click here.

Accreditation Fees:
Annual ACS WASC - $750 - Elementary  $1020 - High School
Application - $160 (non-refundable)
Annual NLSA - $600
Application - $600
(NLSA Fees are p/congregation, not p/school)
Annual PSD - $75
Application - $100
(PSD Fees are p/congregation, not p/school)