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Church Worker Loan Repayment



What is the Workers for the Harvest Loan Repayment Grant (WHLRG)? 
The Loan Repayment Grant is a program for newly graduated church workers in the first three years of your first call to a congregation or school in the Pacific Southwest District (PSD) to pay down their student loans.

Who is eligible for the WHLRG?
1. New graduates from institutions of the Concordia University System.
2. Commissioned Ministers serving as a Teacher, DCE, DCO, DPM, or Deaconess.
3. Those in the first three years of their first call within the PSD.

What loans qualify for the WHLRG?
Loans obtained to pay for expenses while attending an institution of the Concordia University System qualify.  The loans must be with a bona fide lending institution and applicants are continuously submitting their monthly payments.

How do I apply for the WHLRG?
The application is available for download below.  Fill out the application and submit requested supporting documentation to   or mail to the district office:

Pacific Southwest District - LCMS
Attn: Workers for the Harvest
1540 Concordia E
Irvine, CA 92612

When should I apply? August 15 - October 14         When are funds released? November

What are the grant recipient’s responsibilities? 
When the grant amount is $600 or more, the applicant will receive a Form W-9 which must be completed and returned to the District office before the grant payment will be made. A Form W-9 is required for each grant payment which exceeds the $600 minimum. Recipients will be notified after the grant payment is made. Grant recipients are responsible for verifying that the grant amount is credited properly to their lending institution.

What are the goals of the Workers for the Harvest Loan Repayment Grant?
• God be glorified.
• The ministries of our congregations will be honored, our congregations will feel that they are “doing right” by their professional church workers and can celebrate their demonstration of love and respect for those called to serve.
• Our church workers will experience a sense of appreciation and fulfillment in their ministry among us.
• Young people will be encouraged to consider opportunities for full-time service in the church.

Professional church workers are God’s gift to the church.  Teachers, DCEs, DPMs, DCOs, Deaconesses and others who share in the church’s ministry are to “prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up…” (Ephesians 4:11) 

Summary of Workers for the Harvest Loan Repayment Grant Process: 
• The application must include most recent documentation of all outstanding Student Loans - name of the borrower, loan amount, account number or social security number, and the name and address of each lending institution.
• Deadline is October 14. 
• Eligible for grants during the first three years of your 1st call if served within the Pacific Southwest District.
• Grant is considered “other income” & should be reported as such in your tax return. The Pacific Southwest District will issue a Form 1099 only if the grant amount is $600 or more.

Click here for the brochure       Click here for the application **

**Please make sure that when you download the application that you open the form in Adobe Acrobat and not in your browser.  You cannot save new information if you complete the form in the browser.  If you e-mail the form please save your name into the file name for easier filing on our end. Thank you.