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Truth of Assurance

08.30.17 | by Heather Chapman

I do most of the grocery shopping for my family. Actually, I tend to go to the grocery store every single day, much to the dismay of my bank account. I just can’t seem to organize meals well enough to get through a week, let alone a day, to avoid the store.

This weekend, my husband offered to stop at the store on his way home from his weekend round of golf. I was elated as I was still in my pajamas and knee deep in laundry.

“Just text me a list.”

Easy enough, I thought, as I walked to the kitchen to come up with a satisfactory Saturday evening meal for the four of us. The kids mentioned that they wanted homemade pizzas on the grill. Sold. Always turns out delicious, and although it’s a bit of work, everyone is happy.

My text to my husband is as follows:

“We just need tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, maybe a small bit of parmesan, we’re out of olive oil so grab some and oh! We need peanut butter. And celery for the guineas. And Travis (our dog) is almost out of food so can you get some for him? Maybe sausage for the pizza? Or Canadian bacon, pepperoni? Whatever looks good to you.”

End of text.

What followed over the next half hour was absurd, and it really got me thinking.

“Do you want canned tomatoes or fresh? Fire roasted? Flavored with spices or plain?”

“Diced or crushed?”

“Are you going to make the dough from scratch or do you want me to pick up the pre-made ones at Safeway? And if so, whole wheat or regular?”

“Do you want the parmesan shredded, grated or in a wedge?”

“Extra virgin or regular olive oil?”

“Canned or regular food for Travis?”


“Turkey sausage or regular sausage, and sweet or spicy?”

“Do you want the pre-washed celery or the bunch of celery?”

“I’m NEVER going to the store again!”

As I sat amongst my laundry receiving these text messages and answering each one, I started to think about all of the choices we have and the choices we make each day. Does it really matter if the tomatoes are fire roasted or filled with spices? Does it really matter if, for one day, Travis eats canned food instead of his regular brand? Will it honestly affect the quality of my pizza if the parmesan comes shredded instead of me shredding it? And truly, isn’t peanut just peanut butter? (My husband would say no, but…)

We’re inundated each and every day with so many choices, it’s exhausting to think about. Whether it be the car you drive, the home you live in, or the brand of peanut butter that you buy. We live in a world that wants to create everything for everybody, and in so doing neglects the only one choice of truth.

There is only one Jesus.

He made the choice to die on the cross for each and every one of us. He chose to suffer and carry our burdens straight to that cross to give us the true gift of everlasting life. There is nothing we need to do to earn His love and His grace. He has already freely given it, and all we need to do is receive it.

What an amazing blessing and honor it is to work in God’s kingdom, proclaiming this gift with His children. Let us be bold in our faith and strong in our conviction to shamelessly share the only choice needed to insure our eternal life with God in Heaven. Word alone, Grace alone, Faith alone.

Jesus chose to bring Heaven to earth and is preparing an eternal room for you with Him there someday. Be bold in your choice to know and continuously learn about the one and only Savior. His gifts are free, and He did it all for you.

                                            Heather Chapman, Trinity, Litchfield Park