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Raising Up New Church Workers

Raising up new church workers

While it has always been important for the church to be actively raising up new church workers, given the pressures against considering service the church as a pastor, teacher, DCE, DCO, DPM, DFLM, or deaconess, in our culture today, we now more than ever need resources to help us pro-actively encourage young people to consider a church work vocation. 

The Church Work Recruitment and Retention Task Force created the following videos to help the local church and church workers to do just that.  These videos are perfect for use as a church announcement, in youth group, and the school classroom (elementary to high school). They can also be shared on social media.  Please consider how you might encourage the next generation of church workers and how these videos can help you do just that.

Become a Lutheran Pastor:

Become a Lutheran Teacher:

Become a Lutheran DCE:

Become a Lutheran Church Worker: