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School Directory

The Pacific Southwest District (PSD), Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod is one of 35 districts that make up the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in the United States. The PSD serves schools in and congregations in Arizona, the southern half of California, and Clark County, Nevada. 

Nationally there are over 184,000 children attending 2,000+ Lutheran Schools, Preschool through High School. To see a full reporting of Lutheran Schools throughout the nation click here.  Synod's National Missions Office has also put together a statistical analysis of Lutheran Schools across the nation.  To view the 2019 report click here.

Through your information to us in Stats at a Glance we also produce a statistical report of schools in our Pacific Southwest District. To see the 2017-2018 PSD School Statistical Fact Sheet, click here.

To view a 5 year statistical study power point click here.

In Our Pacific Southwest District we have:

98 Early Childhood Centers

49 Elementary Schools

8 High Schools

Serving over 19,000 children! 

For a complete listing of our Pacific Southwest District Schools:

Click here for Early Childhood Centers (updated 3/19)

Click here for Elementary Schools (updated 2/19)

Click here for High Schools (updated 9/18)